Wearing it

Snow Crash was a fascinating read for me six years ago, one of the parts that stands out to me is the Gargoyle:

Instead of using laptops, they wear their computers on their bodies, broken up into separate modules that hang on the waist, on the back, on the headset. They serve as human surveillance devices, recording everything that happens around them.

Snow Crash Chapter 27

To the protagonist, pun intended, of the novel they represent a near subhuman species of ‘metaverse’ hackers. They have short attention spans, are impolite, and in the case of the one described above: infinitely snobby. But that is not really what caught my eye, it was the tech described in that quote.

I am not a fan of surveillance, I am uncomfortable on personal cameras. I am not interested in having my image plastered on Facebook walls and Instagram profiles. But there is a different kind of surveillance that I would like to capture. Ambient data and locative data in particular are intriguing to play with and combine. How can the non specific visual observation of the space around us become useful in real time.