Congestion Charges

Or Oscar Animated Shorts. On Monday there was a screening of these at the TIFF.

Disney’s Paper Man, was quite engaging and visually impacting.  I do have the bias of seeing the way it was made prior to going,  and the technology behind it was brilliant.  They used brand new 3D animation techniques, one of which allowed live drawings to be appended to meshes in space and tweened algorithmically throughout the scene instead of by hand.

Another short that stood out was ‘Dripped’, a tribute to Jackson Pollock. It had a unique feeling to it,  the movement from frame to frame and the sounds that were used throughout built a very surreal scenery over the otherwise realistic backgrounds.  The premise of the piece was very relatable as well,  it speaks to artists absorbing and mimicking the works of others. The dissatisfaction of personal works and the act of finding their own place and style.

Fresh Guacamole is another that really stood out technically, beautiful animation and ridiculously crisp quality. That last point is especially incredible during some of the more drastic transitions, like when the baseball is chopped into dice.  Here is the link to it.

Overall this experience was quite unique, it is my first time in TIFF and I also had the chance to catch some of OCAD’s own animation work during a showing a few weeks prior. It was interesting to compare the subject matter, how chaotic student work appears when in contrast to even the more insane shorts like Dripped.