The structural aspects of my project will need to be assessed early.  The construction process needs to be modular for adjustments to be made rapidly.  The base process should also be material independent to allow for experimentation throughout the project.

Materials as a short material requirements draft:

Physical specs:

  • Lightweight
  • Impact resistant
  • Pressure resistant
  • Scrape resistant
  • Non fading pigments
  • Prototype friendly

The intention with these is that the main materials need to withstand some basic situations that bodies find themselves in.  Brushing against a concrete wall,  falling off ones feet,  jostling around in a fast moving crowd. The wearer should not be scared of using these in any common situations,  and instead feel more protected in case those situations.

The last point is vital to the progress of the thesis itself.  If the materials need to be requested at exact dimensions then prototyping and experimentation will be difficult.  At the very least it should be possible to cut the material with affordable tools.

An interesting manufacturer/distributor that Rickee pointed out recently is Inventables they stock a number of possibly  easy to work with plastics. As well as materials for diffusing light and retaining shape. I hope that I will be able to try a few of these materials in the coming weeks and settle for some to use in my initial prototypes.