Nudgeables pt 1

Playing around with Kate Hartman’s Nudgeables project:

First I wanted to hack it a bit by enabling input from a micro controller. The Nudgeables board requires the use of a digital input so I used a transistor to transfer the input from a Lilypad pin to it via the small contraption below:


The plug is the Nudgeables standard input plug, and the blue wire is the connection to the lilypad input. This basically just closed the circuit when passed voltage.

Below is the hardware part of the switch, inside the fuzzy foam is a flat pressure sensor and the red board includes a pullup resistor with the required power and ground input:


This is the main construction [In its early iteration] with the Nudgeables board facing up. You can see the size of the board itself in comparison to the scale of the standard xBee.


Below is the Lilypad side, the pressure sensor will use the power, ground and the A5 input. While the output will be on pin 9.


The idea for the pressure sensor as a switch is that it will only send the signal under very high pressure, that way if the switch is just nudged or accidentally bumped it will remain off. The activation will be the elbow, and the whole object will be mounted on the elbow and upper arm area.

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