Imagined Wearable


This is the piece for my imagined wearable project. I decided to do a type of uniform that adapts itself to whatever clothing is already being worn. Allowing the occupation to dictate a safety or security code while still giving freedom
to the employee. This particular version is intended to represent a paramedic, it has a night visibility lighting strip as part of the demo.

Materials used are:

  • Ambulance Driver Jacket
  • Jean Shirt
  • Li-Power
  • LiPo Battery
  • Three Lilypad LEDs
  • Conductive Thread

Below are the process images:

20130915_040959 20130915_042712 20130915_042743 20130915_022301 20130915_022517 20130915_022537 20130915_035351 20130915_035752 20130915_035822