Initial Sketches



Huge thanks to Chenthooran for working on these last week. Here are 18 initial ideation sketches for my Thesis project. Over the past few days we have been making decisions on what parts we like and what shapes are intriguing. The darkest blocks are the hardpoints that represent a position of a functional module. The pale green areas would be an accompanying garment. I am still undecided whether a garment will be part of my final project or if the modules will merge further with the designs around them.

Based on the brief given from last week we are looking to refine these down to just a few pieces and shapes that look pleasing. In the next stage these will be refined and combined on another set of characters. That set will also contain more motion and more dynamic poses (i.e. sitting and walking, leaning, etc.)

These designs are currently largely aesthetic, and we are not placing emphasis on the functionality or usability. I feel that it is important to establish a design that is inspiring and ‘cool’ to both of us before we begin limiting our explorations.

As a reference here are some really early designs from a few months back: