Thesis presentation one

This week I put together a few slides to give  abetter overview of my current thesis progress and what lies ahead.

The first slide is intended as a look back at my last semester and the inspiration I developed for this thesis.

The second is my current iteration of what I believe my project stands for:

Building a set of networked devices that explore the aesthetics of wearable technology, and the relevance of ambient data from our surroundings.

The next four are visualizations of what I am thinking the end product will look like right now, as a lot of the design considerations are still up in the air they are left deliberately vague.

The presentation only works reliably in Chrome and Opera 18+ and you can view it by clicking here.

For those interested I used:

  • Raphael.js for the figures.
  • jmpress.js for the slides.

and the rest was coded by me. (With a bit of inspiration from the Sublime Text Editor and the old Bespin theme.)