Further design progress

This week’s focus has been on more designs and some new influences for the tech that will be developed next semester.

A new goal for the final devices is to be entirely wireless, from charging to updating. This should be possible via the now fairly accessible wireless charging coils. They can be embedded in a small platform and within the module itself and transmit electricity over a very short distance.

The ideas for the sensors are being refined as well. I am now considering gathering ambient sound data, via condenser microphones in two opposite facing modules (likely the upper arms). Ambient light data will be gathered using light-to-frequency sensors coupled with photoresistors hopefully allowing for varied degrees of on the fly calibration. The third type of sensor is still under consideration, live proximity data is interesting but there are other ambient sources still available for exploration.

Before I show some of the progress from this week here are the selections I suggested from the last set of drawings:



These are positioning and shape suggestions only, after consideration it became rather apparent that the modules would be best distributed over three areas:

  • Shoulders and neck
  • Upper Arms
  • Sides above the waist

Here are a few explorations from this week that display these positions in a variety of poses.

other poses


Currently Chenthooran is putting finishing touches on up-close versions of a possible neck module.  This will start tying in to my material explorations that will begin in a weeks time. These new sketches will contain much greater detail of the shape, textures, patterns and lighting possibilities within the modules.

The choices made from these further up-close sketches will begin to dictate the final style guide for this thesis.