Yet another thesis update log

This week started out with looking at the possible neck module designs: 

neck modules 1


We quickly realized that its better to do a side by side comparison and put together the following. Note that this is all based on last weeks selections:

modules 1


The final decisions came to number 1 for both the shoulders and above the hip and 5 for the neck. If everything goes on schedule I will start material exploration the following week, using the next set of up close concepts for reference. The major design decisions left are:

What textures are added
Pattern design (if any!)
Decorative or adjustable lighting placement

Once these are sketched out I can begin making inquiries about which materials can replicate which designs.

I am currently looking at the various samples offered by Inventables (especially their ‘inspirational’ section).

Another thing that happened is I finally received my order from Seeedstudio for the bluetooth low energy breakouts that will go into these modules. Super excited to try them out. Here is the ones I bought: BLE Mini (Even smaller than I thought they would be from that picture!)