Thesis Update

Chenthooran has to take care of some personal matters this week, so we are currently at a standstill for the art side. I have been bogged down by my latest wearables project, which will be up here sometime monday. That said, there has been some indirect progress made.

I managed to interface with the Arduino Pro Micros, which will be used in the final version of the modules. They were a bit of a pain to get to work due to some mixed advice on how to program them. It looks like their minuscule size won’t have any untoward effect on my code at all. I am starting to slowly fiddle with the bluetooth low energy (v4) chips by Red Bear Lab, it seems like they are capable of establishing the network  that I require for my project. I will know for sure by november 16th, which is when I want to have all four having a stable link.

I should have some more art to show next week, then begin the material exploration phase!