Overview of microcontrollers useful for wearable projects.

This post is intended to accompany this presentation

Just want to take a second and mention that I am running a small chatroom for help and advice on wearable tech work. If you are trying any of these or have further questions I am around there to chat.

This post is mostly links as the presentation ended up being a tad text heavy. Give it a quick read through for a better overview of each product below.

By first hand experience

Potential based on properties

Low availability

Online Retailers to watch

Big thanks to the #arduino channel on freenode IRC for suggesting some missing controllers!

5 thoughts on “Overview of microcontrollers useful for wearable projects.”

  1. Can you please shed some light on bendable/washable wearable chips like MC10? Also, if you get a chance to do a more detailed technical comparison, that would be great.

  2. Nice presentation… I would also take a look at Energy Micro’s (now Silcon Labs) EFM32 Gecko MCUs. The Geckos are very low energy and the starter kits make a great platform to kickoff a wearable design.

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