End of semester thesis post


This past week was probably the most interesting from this semester. After the initial 3D printing test from last week me and Rickee went all out and spent a few long evenings at the Komodo Lab. The results on my end are two well formed prototypes and models.

Here are some process images:

I also did a quick vine as I found some of the sounds that the printer’s stepper motors make awesome.

The neck module had to be scaled down in the current iteration, so it is more of a demo of the shape. The arm module is 1:1 scale, unless that changes in the future. It looks like there is enough room for all the components, but that will come early next semester. Expect the flood of part and circuit pictures to come back (thank god my soldering skills are slightly upgraded.)

I am still really enjoying using OpenSCAD, and the 3D models are developing nicely. You can take a look at both on my GitHub.

Here are the final pieces:

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