This is the preliminary outline for the final paper submitted with my thesis project.

1: Introduction, Context, and Background Research

This chapter will focus on clearly defining the goals for this project as well as looking at the technologies and advancements in this area. Existing wearable API services primarily focus on tracking the activity of the body, i.e. Fitness trackers, medical trackers. While ambient environment trackers tend to focus on a specific stationary environments. Examples of these will be listed.

2: Overall Project Description and Narrative

Here I will describe the possible short and long term uses for this type of ambient data API, from commercial, artistic, and medical standpoints. This chapter will also provide an overview of the design decisions within this project, as well as provide a walkthrough of the concept artwork produced.

3: Prototyping, testing, and experiments

This chapter will focus on three parts of the project.

  • Replication of the design aesthetic established by the concept art.
  • Physical computing successes and challenges.
  • Developments in the codebase, like the communication protocol and organization of data.

4: Final Project

This part of the paper will focus on the wearability and usefulness of the final prototype. I will conduct some rudimentary analysis of the output data in order to illustrate some of the more easily discernible patterns. (Transitions form indoor – outdoor environments and crowded – private locations)

5: Future Work

This will focus in more depth on the various possible applications for this ambient API, as well as where the project can be expanded via further modules and sensors. The section will also look at the various technologies that had to be removed or adjusted during the process and whether they would be more beneficial in the future. (Bluetooth Low Energy for communication between modules)